Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In silence I sit.
Looking At the once occupied land.
Not a sound to be heard, As the pink awning of daylight fades to black.
Crickets lost in the horizon keep me at attention.
My grip gets tense as I clench my bow in my unshakable hand.
Ready at a moments notice, the only way to prevail. Minutes slither past, slow, just as the sweat trickling down my face.
I feel the warmth of a hand grace my shoulder,
But only for an instant.
Could it have been....
I quickly glimpse behind me. No one is there.
I continue to sit and watch the emptiness,
that was once filled with the essence of life.
I count each breath while waiting for daybreak,
Each one moving me closer to another day of existence. Awaiting day..... hoping it will be one without any more loss. In the darkness I see shadows.
Shadows of my past.
I miss him.
I admit this to myself.
I miss him.
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