Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reflection of me

I antagonize those around me.
I can see the blaze in the reflection of my enameled eyes.
The anger seeps through my pores and surrounds me.
Doesn't take long to consume all of me.
I begin gasping for air as I sink in to the quick sand I created.
Those once bright eyes slowly dim,
Through them I start to see my old self.
Please remember me.
I will keep breathing through the memories,
So I can go on without agony.
Beads of fear start to run down my face,
As I stare in to the looking glass.
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Monday, May 30, 2011


Eyes closed.
Sound of the grinding waves rebound through the mind.
Sand teases the toes with play.
Every grain casually coats the feet.
While the searing sun beats down,
Gently igniting the peach like fuzz preserving the skin.
Deep warmth creates a barrier all around,
Which shields one from the thoughts that dig holes in the mind.
Those few moments when life is reasonable and tender.
A brief period of time that is wished to never end.
Still the sun must set and the delight must retire.
As the Eyes begin to open,
The hushed pink sky waves goodbye.
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Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm slowly wilting,
Cracking and peeling through all my layers.
I can feel pieces of myself drifting off.
The fractured parts of life being washed away,
Down the drain of misfortune.
Lost in a maze filled with disappointments and regrets.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If you look at just the right angle,
Raindrops skate across the window at night.
The wind blows,
Pushing them along.
The soft sound bites your ear in silence.
The iridescent rainbow the water creates shields you.
Shields you from seeing the world at night when the clouds cry.
Its so dark you can't see the sadness.
The window becomes transparent,
As the loneliness dries up.
I am able to see the world clearly again, but I look in the other direction as though the outside world is not there.
As though its not ment to be seen.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Floating Until Dawn

I cry out to the bleeding sky,
Hoping that the stars will pour
Their glorious light and beauty upon my unfortunate soul.
The darkness comforts me.
Its been to long since I have seen
What has become of myself.
What life I once had is suffocating,
Suffocating by the surrounding air.
What once gave me strength,
Is now bringing defeat.
I have conquered myself,
I have lost what had made me happy.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Precious Sounds

A length of time to great has passed.
Hearing the sound of your voice
Is like feeling your touch for the first time.
The soothing sound slides
from my ear to my soul.
Your bouncing melody causes my heart to speed.
I can feel your smile through your harmonic tones.
The music that can change a life.
If only I could hold on to that sweet tune forever.

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Where was I

At four years old I saw your face.
Everyday at 6am
I was brought to the same place.
The love you gave me had only grown.
A contagious smile of yours
That was always shown.
Each and every day
You helped me laugh and play.
Forget the world at home
Keep all my demons at bay.
English was always spoken
Even though it was extremely broken.
Before I knew 20 years had gone
Yet somehow you were still going strong.
One night you waited till I showed so late
You fell and broke...
Everyone told me it was fate.
Something I had trouble believing was true.
I would forever blame myself ... this was the only thing I knew.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quiet Thunder

The quiet thunder roars,
As the powerless rain pours.
The sky lights up with fear,
As it waits for the storm to clear.
Thoughts run through my head,
As I sit and stare from my bed.
Confusion sets in,
And then I get lost within.
I see myself making this a trend,
For hours and hours on end.
The days go by,
And the quiet thunder goes on.
For reasons I can't explain,
Suddenly the storm is gone.
Yet somehow the fear didn't leave,
And I see things I don't want to believe.
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

If he had listened

Do you think if he had listened
To everything they said
That I would not be here
Lying so near dead.
Do you think if he had listened
And done what was right
That I would not be here
On this cold and dreadful night.
Do you think if he had listened
And not drank the whole case
That I would not be here
I wouldn't be in this place.
Do you think if he had listened
Even just a little
That I would not be here
On the pavement in the middle.
Do you think if he had listened
Maybe he wouldn't have had to lie
That I wouldn't have to be here.
I wouldn't be saying goodbye.
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mystery dance

A flame jumps off the mirrors reflection,
Then dives behind the bed.
A soft breeze flows in through the crack in the window,
Causing the shadows to dance around the empty room.
Leaping, hiding in every nook.
A lone candle powers a game of chase.
Can you feel the warmth on your fingertips while you try to follow the swaying wick.
The sound of thunder crowds the room.
It's echo suffocated the life from the weaving glow.
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Surrounded by soft whimpers that begin to fill the air.
The dark smell of death seemed to invade the dim lit corridor.
All the way from his room.
The room where he lay motionless.
A disfigured face left by a lifeless man.
He's not coming back.
This is not the man I knew.
This is not my....
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inconstant Moon

Who would have thought that when the inconstant moon casted it's lighted silhouette across the water in it's most serene state,
That one could feel every emotion that they've ever felt in their life at once.
Feel as though the world revolved around only themselves for that one moment.
Even when the dancing clouds strutted over the face of the moon, you could still see the bright smile of light even through the darkest shade of grey.
Everything stood still for those few minutes.
For those few moments,
Time had stopped and I felt more alive than when I was going on living life.
The enchantment runs through your body while your star gazed eyes are entrapped in the night sky.,
It's so powerful that one could feel as though you were on top of the world.
And no one and nothing else mattered.
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The glazed thickness of thoughts continue to run.
No one will ever get through the maze of darkness in my mind.
For only I can see what I have been through,
No one else cares to know, or understand the meaning of my being.
I don't understand the meaning of my being.
The fear runs like rapids cross checking big jagged rocks in my veins,
But my expression shows otherwise.
The fear remains,
Its just not shown in the 3 way mirror that all people look in to see.
I have been dropped and cracked open,
Every word seeps from within my locked box of memories.
The pain that once lingered around the grey clouds of passionless feeling has wandered off,
Though the fear has found a way to continue to hold me.
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Monday, May 9, 2011

First time around the block!

My first post. It is what it is. I will mostly use this for my poetry!
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