Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The glazed thickness of thoughts continue to run.
No one will ever get through the maze of darkness in my mind.
For only I can see what I have been through,
No one else cares to know, or understand the meaning of my being.
I don't understand the meaning of my being.
The fear runs like rapids cross checking big jagged rocks in my veins,
But my expression shows otherwise.
The fear remains,
Its just not shown in the 3 way mirror that all people look in to see.
I have been dropped and cracked open,
Every word seeps from within my locked box of memories.
The pain that once lingered around the grey clouds of passionless feeling has wandered off,
Though the fear has found a way to continue to hold me.
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areason2smile said...

Gosh girl, every single one of these struck a chord in me, for uber serious. I didn't want to flood you by commenting every single one, but please believe, I absolutely love them all!! You are really, super talented. Don't ever stop what your doing, I wanna read more!! :D