Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tonight the world stood still, While I danced alone in a circle. The clouds have come and gone, As the moon sits on its high chair. Glowing like the brightest night light, Through the crisp dark air. Tonight the world stood still, While I smiled and laughed. The breeze blew through my hair, And brought the smell of night. The aroma brushed my face, I knew everything would be alright. Tonight the world stood still, As my dizzy head has finally given in. I glare at the sky as a tear falls, Falls from my tired eye. Only to know that behind my smile, I have grown. Grown to be truly alone.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tread softly

The colored Shades of night
Dance across my eyes as they rest open in the pitch black.

While the songs of the restless birds Ring my tired ear.

A soft whisper calls out for me.

Im unsure.

The gentle touch of what feels like a rigid hand

Shuffles down my arm.

Here goosebumps have made themselves at home.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


A barely mangled crate,

Full of the remains of inner beasts and convictions of emotions dwell within me.

Petite segments slip away through the damaged cracks and are lost.

Every so often a moment passes.

Here floats by a warped piece misplaced from another spirit.

It's picked up and stored where your own morsel had gone astray and you hold it dear.

Elsewhere there might be the other shadow looking to fill its own nothingness.

It's own missing fragment.

Perhaps they will find my own meandering by.

Under the incandescent light of the invisibly strung stars,

That also paints the night sky nesting  outside my fractured window...

Might be beaming upon them too.

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