Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inconstant Moon

Who would have thought that when the inconstant moon casted it's lighted silhouette across the water in it's most serene state,
That one could feel every emotion that they've ever felt in their life at once.
Feel as though the world revolved around only themselves for that one moment.
Even when the dancing clouds strutted over the face of the moon, you could still see the bright smile of light even through the darkest shade of grey.
Everything stood still for those few minutes.
For those few moments,
Time had stopped and I felt more alive than when I was going on living life.
The enchantment runs through your body while your star gazed eyes are entrapped in the night sky.,
It's so powerful that one could feel as though you were on top of the world.
And no one and nothing else mattered.
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1 comment:

areason2smile said...

Wow. Beautiful. Powerful. Love the title "Inconstant Moon", it adds an extra depth to the piece. Lovely!!