Sunday, June 5, 2011


Fingers interlocked.
A ray of dawns light beams in through the blinds on the window.
You sleep soundly as I lay awake
And watch you dream.
I imagine the stories that go round in your mind.
With each breath you take, my smile grows.
Breathe in.... breathe out.
Seeing the innocence on your face brings me peace.
A moment of truth,
Instead of the lies I traditionally feed myself.
The sun has risen and the picture of you rests in my mind as a drift off.
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Anonymous said...

I love it! So sunny. I love watching the person I'm in lvoe with sleep, it's mesmorizing. That's when you know you're gone and have completely fallen. I always enjoy reading what you write. I don't think i could ever say a negative thing about it. EVER! :)

Eileen... to the right. said...

Me too! When someone sleeps they are always at their purest .... no questions asked! And thank you.... again!