Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daryl boom day!

For those of you who missed it I wrote a poem for #walkingdeadwednesday . So for #darylboomday I decided to write a part 2. Part 2 being possibly how Daryl feels going into season 2. So im posting them both here it just seems right to have them together. I hope you enjoy them!


In silence I sit.
Looking At the once occupied land.
Not a sound to be heard, As the pink awning of daylight fades to black.
Crickets lost in the horizon keep me at attention.
My grip gets tense as I clench my bow in my unshakable hand.
Ready at a moments notice, the only way to prevail. Minutes slither past, slow, just as the sweat trickling down my face.
I feel the warmth of a hand grace my shoulder,
But only for an instant.
Could it have been....
I quickly glimpse behind me. No one is there.
I continue to sit and watch the emptiness,
That was once filled with the essence of life.
I count each breath while waiting for daybreak,
Each one moving me closer to another day of existence. Awaiting day..... hoping it will be one without any more loss. In the darkness I see shadows.
Shadows of my past.
I miss him.
I admit this to myself.
I miss him.

Daryl 2

Everything seems hushed.
The orange glimmer from the sun blankets the murkiness that helped harbor the unknown.
Something about my mood feels off beat.
Peeling away the time
While watching a new day break.
A spark ignites something within me.
There is no more haze.
No more shadows commanding me on what kind of man to be.
No one left clinging to the key. The key to restraining me from being me.
My grip gives way from my steady hand as I realize...
The choice is now mine.
In my thoughts I know,
I know his blood still runs fierce and with madness.
This won't stop me.
Its time to shift gears.
Turnover my beaten path,
Take a course of my own.
As I start to ride I can feel the warmth from the light of the sun pulsing through my veins.
The wild air brushing through each strand of my hair.

A new season for survival begins.

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Summer, but I do go by "Mommy" said...

Beautiful. Just wonderful! I love it!