Monday, May 30, 2011


Eyes closed.
Sound of the grinding waves rebound through the mind.
Sand teases the toes with play.
Every grain casually coats the feet.
While the searing sun beats down,
Gently igniting the peach like fuzz preserving the skin.
Deep warmth creates a barrier all around,
Which shields one from the thoughts that dig holes in the mind.
Those few moments when life is reasonable and tender.
A brief period of time that is wished to never end.
Still the sun must set and the delight must retire.
As the Eyes begin to open,
The hushed pink sky waves goodbye.
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Anonymous said...

I really like this one too. It's fdifferent from the others. It's not as dark. It's shows a growth towards the light. sort of breaking away or the shedding of a shell. nice work. :)

Eileen... to the right. said...

Yes. Every now and then even in the hardest of times people have a few moments when they forget about the hardships in life and enjoy!